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When: 10am-8pm, January 26-29 Where: Greengate Square, opposite Manchester Cathedral HOME has invited some of the top names in contemporary ผ้าปูที่นอน Chinese cinema to bring their latest shorts films to Manchester - many of them drawn from the Hong King International Film Festivals Beautiful series, which includes work from the likes of Jia Zhangke, Lu Yue, Tsai Ming-Liang and Ann Hui. The event is supported by the Confucius Institute at the University of Manchester. When: 6.15pm, January 25 Where: HOME, First Street Happy birthday to the Stockport studio where The Stone Roses, Paul McCartney, 10cc, and The Smiths recorded Brighten up your lunch hour in the city centre by catching one of the hourly dances that the lion will be delivering at the bottom of Market Street, close to the Boots store. When: 1pm, 2pm & 3pm, January 26-28 Where: Market Street The Centre For Contemporary Chinese Art leads this multi-gallery exhibition of work by Suki Chan and Joe Ford. Chan explores the complex relationship between the human eye, the brain and vision in Lucida in galleries 1 and 2 (free), while Joe Ford runs a cyanotype tote bag printing workshop in the Jasmine Suite, in which visitors can draw or collage their own design using the cyanotype (a photographic printing process) technique (4, drop in, all ages). When: Chan - January 26-April 30; Ford - 1pm-4pm, January 28 Where: Thomas Street Henry Fung is one of the local Chinese musicians chosen to create the soundtrack to the 2017 celebrations, created on traditional and contemporary instruments and running for four days - all free - in the square. On Saturday, January 28, Manchesters Confucius Institute take things back to the traditional with a day of sounds made on the oldest Chinese instruments, including erhu, zither, and Chinese guitar. There'll also be folk music originally written by ethnic minorities of the region, such as Mongolian and Tajiks people, throughout the afternoon. St Ann's Church, meanwhile, welcomes the University of Manchesters chamber choir Ad Solem to perform three special pieces of music commemorating the institutes 10th anniversary as well as other traditional Chinese New Year songs. When: 12pm-6pm, January 26-29 Provided by Manchester Evening News A tattoo convention with free bumper cars is coming to Manchester Provided by Manchester Evening News Provided by Manchester Evening News Prepare to make way for more than traffic on Deansgate on the weekend of Chinese New Year, as the Travelling Light Circus turns it into a playground for its dancers, drummers, stiltwalkers, and a giant rooster. The 10-strong troupe will be dressed in red, black, and gold and will be kicking up a carnival atmosphere.

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REUTERS/Francois Lenoir BRUSSELS A raft of new counterterrorism laws across Europe discriminate against Muslims and refugees, spreading fear and alienation, Amnesty International said in a report on Tuesday. The human rights group sounded the alarm over security measures adopted over the past two years in 14 EU nations, including expanded surveillance powers. During that period, militant attacks have killed some 280 people in France, Belgium and Germany. The attacks, mostly claimed by the Islamic State group, have fanned tensions over immigration, fueled the popularity of right-wing parties and made security a key theme in upcoming French, Dutch and German elections. "Right across the EU regional space we see Muslims and foreigners being equated with terrorists," said Julia Hall, an Amnesty International expert on counterterrorism and author of the report. "This stereotyping so disproportionately affects these communities that there is a high degree of fear and alienation." She warned that "draconian" surveillance measures and powers of search, detention and arrest like those introduced in France since November 2015, when attacks killed 130 people, could be abused to target activists or minority groups that did not pose a genuine threat. Amnesty's report said new measures to crack down on glorifying or being an apologist for terrorism were shrinking the space for freedom of expression. In France in 2015, a third of more than 380 people prosecuted for apologizing for terrorism were minors, it said. Amnesty condemned what it dubbed the "Orwellian" use of curfews, travel restrictions and police check-ins to monitor individuals who were not convicted of crimes and often did not know what they were accused of. Hall criticized what she described as "governments looking at a person and saying: 'You look very suspicious to me.